Intro to Writing / by Evan Hirsh

The three posts I have decided to showcase below on my newly indoctrinated 'Writing' page, are stories that I wrote while taking a Reporting and Writing course. At a first glance it might be hard to find a commonality between them, a video game review might have little in common with a statistical analysis of student voters in the 2016 election, or a profile Q&A with a competitive gamer. However the common thread they all share, is my passion for the subject that I am covering. Whenever I write a story, or conduct an interview, I always try to find a subject that I am passionate about, whether it is the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, demographic analysis of student voters, or the new breed of competition that is eSports, I always try my best to find a subject I love so much, that writing never feels like work to me. With that, I leave you to the stories I selected from my previous semester. Feel free to comment on them with any feedback!