Hi. My name is Evan.

I am a student who is studying Computer Science at RIT.

After reading the previous sentence, you might have a few preconceptions as to who I am and what skills I know. It might give you insight into my interests, and perhaps my desired career path. However, I am not defined by my major or my skillset. I believe I am defined by what I create. All my life, since Middle School, I have been building projects. Whether they are YouTube channels, podcasts, websites, articles, programs, or makeshift companies, I have always enjoyed building.

Halfway through middle school I created my first public project, a network called Nuklear Productions (an intentional misspelling). This network was to be a sketch comedy network/gaming network, however it never truly came to fruition. Nuklear Productions was my second website I ever built, after the one you are on right now. We made a gaming/technology blog that was incredibly fun to work on, and used to be hosted on nuklearproductions.net. We also created a gaming podcast, which while lacking in quality, was made up for in its ambition.

I then spun Nuklear Productions off into the less successful X249.com which remained open for around a month. It was originally conceived as a gaming blog, with a refined website and a focus on editorial content rather than just news. A year or so after I shut X249 down, a similar concept was adopted by the website Polygon, a highly successful gaming website.

Before I changed Nuklear into X249 however, I worked with a few friends on creating a gaming blog for the Playstation Vita. Later, I worked with my friend Luis (who also worked on the original Vita site) and spun the site off into another network of sub sites, which we united under the banner Gaming Vlog Network. We ran the website and YouTube channel simultaneously for almost two years until we retired the site in December of 2013 due to low traffic, moving the focus to our still popular YouTube channel. Since my involvement was primarily with the website, I left the channel project to Luis, who is about to reach 40 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

During all of that, I also attended a private preparatory school in Washington, Connecticut known as The Gunnery. There I worked on many other projects, however one of my favorites involved working with my history teacher to help the Gunn Memorial Museum, our local history preserve. For my first project, I digitized an old exhibit about Swedish immigrants to the town, and for my next, I worked with a group of my classmates to create an a section of a World War I exhibit about Gunnery students who fought in World War I. The exhibit as a whole was written about in the New York Times, with us receiving a mention for our work. 

In my college years, as I evolved, my projects did as well. I created the project WorldNine, which was designed to be a collective of developers building software they would find useful. I also started a short lived podcast named Whatsoever, which was a casual a casual discussion podcast between three friends, with no topical focus. I also created the eSports YouTube channel Arena, which ran a weekly eSports news show titled "Roundup" for over a year and a half.

My next project might just be my biggest one yet. For the past six months, I have been working on RIT eSports, which will be launching at the end of January 2017, and will be set on a path to becoming the largest collegiate eSports organization in the United States. We are going to be breaking new ground, both metaphorically, and literally. I could not possibly be more excited to unveil it to everyone.

I have decided to major in Computer Science because I see programming as another creative field. I have an innate desire to build things, and that desire often extended into software, but I was frustrated by my inability to program. Because of this, programming, and computer science, have become one of my true passions. Even when I am frustrated with a program, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge that coding brings. However I see myself not as just a programmer, but also a creative. With that in mind, please feel free to check out my resume, my photos, and even some of my recent writing. I also have a GitHub profile with a few of my published repositories. If you want to contact me, feel free to visit my contact page as well. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the site!